Latest News from Thailand and Pattaya July 18th

pattaya beach pristine for now


 Immigration police at Bangkok’s main airport detained  some 15 travelers on arrival this week,  all discovered to be here without means of support or any form of funding, they were refused entry and sent to their home countries.  12 indians and 3 etheopians.


  The teenager who drove a car while under age and without a license , only to crash into a van, killing several students and injuring others back in 2010 in Bangkok, was treated very leniently by the courts after her family undertook to compensate those dead and injured with a sum of 26 million baht.  On the orders of the court  Now, we are told, several of those involved claim that they still haven’t received  the money promised.   Charged with reckless driving, using a phone while driving and causing death or injuries the then teenager  received a suspended sentence.  This week the deputy minister of justice offered legal counseling to those who claim to have not been paid


 Water levels in the Mekong river are at a 10 yr low, media reports indicate that water supplies to many areas are at risk as an elongated dry season could see it reduce even further.. this as rainfall in Thailand is at its lowest for a decade, according to the met office, who warn of drought in many regions and many already buying water in bowsers as tap water is reduced to a trickle.

Naked bathers caught  on Krabi by police after locals reported them, faced the walk of shame this week.   All 6 were taken into custody and may well be charged with indecency as even topless bathing is illegal here.  They were, of course, asked to re clothe before being removed from the beach, but locals gleefully snapped them with their phones, for posterity, before they dressed.


Reports that beach vendors are now mathematical geniuses have bee laughed at this week.  Some saying that they claim an 80% drop in custom and speed boat operators along the shoreline claiming the same.  Truth is that as coaches have been diverted to use the bali hai pier area, there the ferries are crammed with tourists en route to Ko Larn.  The beaches are, much quieter tho, and beach road is devoid of coach congestion too.


 The Thai met office is predicting  heavy rain for the balance of the week here in our own region.  Not much good for the reservoirs as most runs into the sea, but out at Hua Yai, on the reservoir which supplies drinking water, an ON and OFF again jet ski operation has seen tons of earth shipped in and laid as a barrier between it and the roadside.  The road had previously collapsed after then dug out earth aside it, tha has been temporarily repaired but the new earth barrier will prevent rain water run off and see flooding when rain comes, a road to avoid for sure