Media in Pattaya is Fabulous

When visiting Thailand or Pattaya,  tourists and expats  tell us that its important to keep up with radio, current events and news

A decade ago, Radio and TV in Pattaya was pretty grim.  poor quality sound, few presenters and week old news.  Today that has all changed

When Fabulous 103fm launched several years ago, it was in an era when quality had often been ignored.  Visitors to Thailand weren’t kept up to date with events , latest news or advisories alogn with live shows.  Fabulous 103fm has everything for the expat or visitor to Pattaya.  BBC World News on the hour, local and Thailand national news every hour, sports updates and of course hosted radio shows from dawn thru to dusk.

Thai radio stations have evolved too.  All comply with the regulations set out in licencing from the Broadcasting commission and standards are high.  AT Fabulous 103  you can catch up with local events too, and with a vibrant morning show following the morning drive, we begin the day as we mean to go on, with fun combined with the latest chart hits and of course the oldies and classics we all remember.


and if you are away from Pattaya, well you you can keep in touch with the city by using the radio player om the Always Pattaya Website

Fabulous 103fm is, without doubt, Pattaya’s favourite radio station, popular with expats, visitors and Thai nationals too.  They tell us that they love the music..  and  the Fab team works hard to ensure smooth top quality transmission with the latest equipment available.

Radio is the only growing traditional medium  globally that sees an increase in use as opposed to a decrease and with Print media dwindling in popularity, many papers closing down and few advertising in them, Radio sees GROWTH.

Fabulous 103fm welcomes new advertisers every month to its airwaves.  Building the best of advertising for their clients and ensuring that they truly reach all of the listeners via a unique system , SIS,

 SIS is unique to Fabulous 103fm and whereas most station see little advertising response.

Thanks to SIS .. advertising on Fabulous 103FM really works


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