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Mrs. Complainer,

May works hard to earn her title, and is the station “mother” taking care of all the important stuff like paying the bills and running the accounts.  Staff quake in their boots when she has that “look” that tells us she has something she isnt happy about.  Without her, we would be a mess for sure


Peter Quinn,

Joined Fab 103Fm this year and brings us a host of great music and fun every thrusday and friday at noon.  A lifetime in Radio Peter is fun, and witty, and enjoys being Fabulous


Tommy Dee,

Tommy Dee started Fabulous 103fm in a leaky tin shack 9 years ago, and has worked daily since, seeing the station develop into Pattaya’s Number One Radio.

After 8 years of 4.30 morning starts, Tommy Dee gave up the morning show in February and now oversees the whole station, from his Ivory tower office Tommy also produces the advertising spots and news bulletins and is planning a weekend show for “people of his age” this year. He now gets up at 5.30 instead.


Emperor Rosko,

Fabulous 103 FM & Emperor Rosko

Rosko was the inspiration for the character “The Count” in the 2009 film The Boat That Rocked, known as Pirate Radio in the United States.

THE Emperor Rosko is a well known radio presenter, joined Radio Caroline, a pirate radio station broadcasting from a ship off the coast of England, in 1964. from there to Radio Luxembourg and of course the BBC with Radio 1….

Youngsters like Tommy were inspired to get into radio by the “Emp”  who apart from being one of the very first Radio 1 crew in the UK is a legend in the business


Denny Jackson,

Denny presents the Schools Out Show on Saturday and Sunday between 09.00 and 11.00 am. He can also be heard at various times on the morning  larking about with Megan the Midget in Universally Challenged.  Denny is also the quiz master for our popular week day quiz for children on the way home from school between 4pm and 5pm on the drive time show.

Denny lives in Pattaya and loves flying model aircraft at the RC Flying Club. He is not related to Janet or Micheal,


Drive Time Dave,

Drive Time With Dave Sherwood

Dave Sherwood joins us on Fabulous 103Fm with his drive time show, after a career that spans  21 years in the business..  Dave has worked for Century Fm, Atlantic 252, Rock Fm, Tfm, UTV Radio, UKRD Group, and Free Radio

But thats all history now, .. he is YOURS every week day from 3-6PM on the Fab Drivetime show.    For your favourite songs, drop us a line here and he is sure to include them in  3 hours of daily greats, updates, mirth and more.



Born in Leeds, Brooksy (aka The Silver Fox)  began his radio career way back in the 90s. He has worked on Radio stations around the world, before coming to Thailand 7 years ago. After a short break off air, he is back on Fabulous 103fm in Pattaya , with the Morning show every weekday from 9-noon.

In his spare time he loves spending time with his son and watching his beloved Leeds Utd.



Megan (the midget) joined Fabulous 103fm, and Fabulous TV Pattaya 4 years ago after an interesting career in media in Pattaya. A Blackpool girl she grew up in Thailand and leads our TV team. At any major event in the city you can see her and her team filming and recording for Fabulous, and, despite her height, she is a major player in our team.  you can’t fail to love her..

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