Wednesday news details from Thailand and Pattaya

Thai Doctors save man's hand


Incredible photographs  have shown how Thai  surgeons rebuilt the hand of a man who had his fingers ripped off in a milling machine.. the Samut Prakan man caught his hand in the machine at a plastic recycling warehouse..  Paramedics kept all the pieces tho and 13 hours in an operating theatre appear to have seen the hand completely rebuilt



Rescue workers continued till late yesterday to search for 4 people missing on the Mae Klong river where a riverside building collapsed.  They had been a part of a larger group that mostly managed to get back safely to the shoreline when the older pavilion collapsed under their weight



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Tourist and expats are warned this week to avoid so called Driving license agencies that promise “special treatment” or more for those applying for a driving license here.

With some charging as much as 5000 baht, at the very best all they can do is hold your hand, as the process at licensing offices is exactly the same for all.

One woman has now been arrested after promising SPECIAL deals for her customers.. she, we are told, went as far as to supply fake stamps and false documents.  The truth is of course that the requirements are very simple, documentation is easy and the real cost of a new license.. just a few hundred baht.

More sting operations and arrests can be expected for those who hawk false Immigration and other police entities work to ensure that licensing remains legitimate


Pattaya’s former Mayor, Kuhn  Ittipol Khunpluem,  has been officially endorsed and appointed as Thailand’s Minister of  Culture.    As mayor or here he oversaw the development of the city and can expect full support from the city’s current mayor, his brother.

From Pattaya Mayor to Government Minister   K. Ittipol

   Promoting Thailand as a centre of culture is an essential task for the growth of tourism and popularity  and the new government is very fortunate to have him on board.   Unlike many, he took the time to work and help local businesses here, without reward, and gave them his full support..  Thai culture is instilled in children at school to ensure that tradition and history is not forgotten as the country evolves and that it is not lost


  AN Indian who was deported from here last year for overstay without a visa has been nabbed in Pattaya this week.

Seems he got a new passport and changed his name slightly in the hope that he wouldn’t be caught.  New biometric records combined with police and other files quickly narrowed him  down to being on a 10 yr blacklist.  So its back to Bombay for him.  At his own expence of course